Bella At HomeBella At Home Teeth Whitening System Overview: Are you suffering from discoloration or yellowed teeth? Are you embarrassed about smiling for pictures or opening your mouth? Through Bella At Home you can get the gorgeous white smile which you want these days. When you meet anyone, the smile is a universal greeting that is one of the first expressive ways to say hello or show your mood. Bella At Home is designed to give you a beautiful smile.

If your ability has been affected by your yellow teeth when you talk or communicate with your friends, coworkers and family then you should try this Bella At Home White Teething product. A white smile can give off the impression of great hygiene and can be very flattering. This can also inspire you to feel better about yourself.

What is Bella At Home?

Bella At Home is a clinical strength system that will make your pearly whites glisten. It will provide you long term results. Discoloration or yellowed teeth can be genetic, but it can also be build up from various habits such as heavy coffee or tea drinker, smoking cigarettes. So Bella At Home is very helpful to overcome these problems. It is very convenient way to brighten your teeth and smile. It builds up confidence level in a person to talk with anyone and getting a good job. They increase their social contacts with the help of it. A white tooth demonstrates wealth and status.

How Does it work?

Bella At Home is an easy, effective and fast method. This whitening system comes with custom fit trays that you fill with their advanced formula gel which fits over your teeth and covers all the areas where you want to whiten. It also protects your soft tissues. So this solution is able to penetrate deep into your tooth enamel and break apart the grime covering them. You will wear the gel for 15 minutes and then remove the trays and simply rinse their mouth with water. So years of staining can be removed in a couple of days by using this incredibly strong whitening agent.

Your Bella At Home System:

The Bella At Home system includes everything which you will need to whiten your teeth immediately and to keep whitening your teeth for a long time that follows as: –

  • BellaAtHome’s Formulated Teeth Whitening Gel: – It is a high viscosity, zero sensitivity teeth whitening gel. It contains most effective and safest whitening ingredients.
  • BellaAtHome’s Custom Full-Time Application Tray: – It is also called Dental Dam. It is shaped to whiten more of your teeth than cheaper half-arch trays.
  • BellaAtHome’s Custom Application: – This Custom system is used to keep your solution from the air because when if it contacts with air, it can be harmful. The active ingredient in many teeth whitening systems is activated by air. So when you purchase an inferior applicator, then your whitener can start losing effectiveness in a very short period of time. But our product will not be affected by air.

What are its Benefits?

  • Fast & Safe: – Bella At Home Whitening Teeth product is extremely safe to use. There is no need to think twice before buying this product. So there is no requirement of any dentist to whitening your teeth. It is the fastest way to whiten your teeth outside a dentist’s office. Teeth can be greatly whiter after your first treatment.
  • Used By Dentist: – This product is recommended by many dentists. Some dentists have used this product in their treatment. The primary ingredients of this product are manufactured by one of the world’s largest dental product distributors.
  • Effective: – The ingredients of this product are very effective. Some people buy watered down version of tooth whitening system from their grocery store but they will not get the same result as compared to Bella At Home’s unique formulation and kit. This kit gives effectiveness as dental office whitening. It can be easily used by anyone at home.
  • Look Years Younger: – With the help of this product, you get a bright white smile in some days. So whiter teeth make your look younger, more successful and more attractive.
  • Get Shades Whiter: – After applying this product on your discoloration or yellowed teeth, then you get white shade on your teeth in several days.
  • Minty Fresh Taste: – The taste of this product is not bitter. When you apply this product on your teeth then you get a minty fresh taste.
  • Inexpensive: – This product is less expensive as compared to Dentist’ fees. It can be purchased by anyone.
  • Easy To Use At Home Application: – You can easily apply to this product on your teeth at home without getting any expert knowledge. You just follow all steps and read instructions carefully before applying this product on your teeth.

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Other Benefits:-

  • Safe Ingredients
  • Gives You Beautiful Smile
  • Gets Rid of Years of Damage
  • Lasts For a Long Time

Is there is any side-effect?

The manufacturer of the product claims that the product is safe to use. It causes no side-effect because it contains the active ingredient. This ingredient in the Bella At Home Whitening System is 22% carbamide peroxide which is the same peroxide agent used in professional whitening systems used in dentist’s offices. The product has been clinically tested and has proven to be safe to use on a regular basis. Bella At Home causes no side-effect even used for a long duration.

Where to buy?

It is an online exclusive. You can directly order this product from its website or you can also order from any shopping site, for example, Amazon. You can also receive a risk-free trial supply of this professional teeth whitening system to try at home first. For a limited time, this powerful product will be on a special promotion that lets you claim a trail package. Order this product and experience the same dentist level teeth whitening right in the comfort of your own home at the best price. So try it today and get a Dazzling White Smile. If you have any question about it, you can contact us through Email or Call us Toll-Free at 1-888-552-2402.